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12.23. B&B Italia: Tufty-Time Seating


With its clean lines and plump rectilinear forms, Patricia Urquiola’s Tufty-Time range of modular seating has remained a bestseller at (context) for nearly a decade. Specifically citing the time-honored capitonné upholstery style along with 1960s and 1970s modular seating designs as her inspirations, Urquiola’s Tufty-Time masterfully synthesizes these as an exquisite grid-like composition of rectilinear “tufts” that are articulated by thin, deep crevices within the sofa expanse – the resulting Pop aesthetic is also reminiscent of Mario Bellini’s now iconic Camaleonda modular seating system for B & B Italia in the early 1970s. Several sizes of modular element are available … Read more

11.22. Bigfoot Table – Limited Edition


In honor of Philipp Mainzer’s iconic Bigfoot table design’s 20th anniversary, e15 invited acclaimed graphic artist, Geoff McFetridge, to create a special edition of Bigfoot… the results are nothing but sheer genius! McFetridge employed the underside of the Bigfoot table to create essentially a triptych of laser-cut panels that engender a visual narrative with Bigfoot – the table’s mythological namesake North American woodland creature. All three panels feature McFetridge’s signature style of contemporary hieroglyph. Their contextual placement on the table’s underside is profoundly subversive as they can only be accessed by prospective viewers that not only know of their existence … Read more

11.6. Fast and Luxurious: B&B Italia Quick Ship


Given B&B Italia’s vast range of textiles and finishes, the possibilities for personalization and customization are seemingly endless… as such, delivery is typically 12 – 16 weeks once ordered. Can’t wait that long? Need it fast? The B&B Italia Quick Ship Program has been re-introduced in the United States and now features a range of popular sofas and sectional configurations, lounge chairs, beds in American queen and king sizes, along with dining and side tables. We have highlighted several pieces below and invite you to check out our new B&B Italia Quick Ship section that provides the details on sizes, … Read more

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