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Up 2 Kids Lounge Chair
Gaetano Pesce
B&B Italia, Italy

Created by Gaetano Pesce in 1969, the Up Series featured lounge chairs, a sofa, and an ottoman that were composed of jersey-covered polyurethane foam in various shapes. The conceptual novelty of the collection was about “transformation.” Once the shaped piece of furniture had been created, the air was removed from its foam – about 90% of the volume of the piece. The piece was then vacuum-sealed and packaged in a surprisingly small flat box. Once removed from the packaging, the foam would re-absorb air and the respective piece of furniture would “magically transform” back to its original size and shape in about an hour. Examples from Pesce’s 1969 Up Series are now included in the permanent collections of museums worldwide.

Noted here is the Up 2 kids lounge chair that is composed of Bayfit (Bayer) flexible cold-shaped polyurethane foam and features a durable jersey upholstery cover available in a choice of Lora black, red, yellow, blue, dark gray, or deep purple. The unseen underside upholstery is 100% jute. Unlike its late 1960s counterparts, the Up Series reissued in 2000 is no longer vacuum-sealed and flat-packed but rather ships in its uncompressed original state. Please contact us at 800.886.0867 to review upholstery options for the Up 2 kids lounge chair along with associated pricing.

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Colors and Materials


Up 2:
24.4” width, 24.4” depth, 18.1” height; seat height is 12.6”


Composed of Bayfit (Bayer) cold-shaped polyurethane foam
Durable jersey upholstery available in Lora black, red, yellow, blue, dark gray, or deep purple
Underside upholstery is 100% jute

Fabric—Lora 150

Manufacturer & Designer

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